Ground penetrating radar (GPR)

The GPR surveys are used for research and geometric reconstruction of underground utilities, of underground tanks, buried artifacts, archaeological remains and structures in general.

The principle is based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves from the surface by means of a transmitting antenna and their reflection on the interfaces in the subsurface; reflection to occur there must be a difference in terms of dielectric permeability and electrical conductivity between the object and buried the surrounding matrix. The transmitting and receiving antennas are at varying frequency, and are generally included in the range from 40 MHz to 2 GHz.

In particular, the method allows GPR to detect, with good precision and detail, any type of anomaly in the first meters of the subsurface of the site in question, ensuring at the same time, cost and speed of action. This makes it possible to investigate areas of considerable size and identify the areas in which to focus any further direct investigations (excavations, surveys, etc.).

The GPR surveys are used to:

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