TECHGEA Geophysics

Techgea is a service company specialized in non-invasive methods for the exploration of the subsoil and the non-destructive diagnostics of structures and civil engineering works.

With a qualified team of geologists and engineers, Techgea operates both in Italy and abroad with independent organizational skill.

It is addressed to public bodies, production and service companies, construction companies, to professionals (engineers, geologists and architects).

In order to ensure the best service to its customers, in January 2013 Techgea Srl has obtained the certification of Quality Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in relation to the following scope: "Design adn survey of geophysical, geognostic environmental and geotechnical investigation" . The certificate was issued by the accredited body Bureau Veritas Italy SpA.

Fields of application

Operating modes